Skewered in Scottsdale

I hate restaurants that fail to live up to their hype, almost as much as I hate blogs that consider snark the New Black. But occasionally the former necessitates the latter, as in the case of Scottsdale’s Roaring Fork Restaurant.

I’m not sure if it was the overpriced, undersized, much-hyped ‘organic’ margaritas, the over-priced, under-imaginative, much-Californicated wine list (Treana Red Wine for a mere $105), or the over-priced, undercooked sirloin requiring the use of a flashlight to check on char levels – a scene highly reminiscent of a Peruvian mine rescue…Sometimes one must simply call a spade a spade. Or, in this case, a fork a fork. No doubt about it – binNotes© was forked in Phoenix. Time to  shake it off, and find a winery to help dull the pain…

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