DRC 2009 Postscript

Aubert de Villaine

For a bit of eloquence on the subject of yesterday’s post, binNotes offers the following from Aubert de Villaine himself regarding the 2009 Domaine de la RomanĂ©e-Conti:

“2009 is a vintage, that, like many things in life, didn’t start with the best outlook….Regarding the reds, what else can I say? The mark of 2009 is that you have and exceptional vintage, both because of the quantity and because of the quality…For me, I will add one more thing. I’ve never seen a vintage that is more the cousin of another than this vintage is to 1959. A large crop, the wines extremely healthy, and wines with a character of seduction, tenderness, immediately accessible. It’s really remarkable remarkable, I’ve never seen such closeness between two vintages as between this 2009 and 1959.” – Aubert de Villaine

For those who consider wine an art, not just a beverage, it just doesn’t get any better than this! SantĂ©.

Excerpt:Permission of  Vinography.com.