Rebranding Redux: The Hedonistic Taster…and More

Dear Readers,

Just a quick not to let you know that I’m currently in the process of updating my samples policy, database, and tasting notes schedule as part of my rebranding project from to

The Hedonistic Taster will return as part of the rebrand later this month!

Why? As a wine industry professional, I receive, analyze and share industry trade samples in an effort to help you better understand, appreciate and access them.

Most wines derive from small-lot, family-owned wine makers worldwide, wines not readily accessible, or perhaps hard to notice on the shelves. Some are just plain outliers. While Burgundy, pinot noir, and sparkling wine comprise my primary areas of study, I also seek wines from emerging or under-appreciated wine regions and producers.

I feel immense respect, and responsibility, each time I sample these wines. That’s why I do it.

In addition to helping you expand your wine knowledge through The Hedonistic Taster, I’m excited to announce a new service forthcoming with the rebranding project, that of curating and conducting bespoke tasting groups. This opportunity grew organically from a number of private requests for intimate, informal gatherings focused around understanding the intricacies of Burgundy, Champagne and/or emerging wine regions.

While not something I deliberately planned…there you go…sometimes events just happen when you least expect them. If you’re interested in more details, feel free to leave a comment below.

And if you haven’t already read my latest in Meininger Wine Business International on ‘The Price of Prestige’ in Europe’s high-end wine regions of Burgundy, Champagne and Bordeaux, I’ve included a link to the story here*.

*(Please note that the full article is available to subscribers.)

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, I’m currently on deadline for projects near and dear to my heart showcasing sparkling wine, so please forgive me as I dash back to the ‘other’ keyboard. Cheers!


Copyrighted 2018 L.M. Archer | All Rights Reserved.


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