#wineStudio | May 2018 Program | Iapetus Wine + Shelburne Vineyard

Iapetus Wine, Shelburne Vineyard – Shelburne, Vermont.

I’m excited to rejoin the #wineStudio virtual tasting community this May to discover – and discuss – the wines of Shelburne Vineyard and Iapetus Wine in Shelburne, Vermont.

That’s right, Vermont.

In case you did not know, Vermont comprises part of the Northeast’s Champlain Valley  International Wine Trail, which also skirts New York and Quebec. This cold climate area creates more than just ice wine.

My interest in learning more about Vermont wines stems from a recent encounter I had with a pinot noir from Quebec, a wine shared by funny, French-Canadian journalist Marie-Hélène Boisvert during a media tour through Washington and Oregon. The wine she graced us with poured out ethereal on the palate, with a snappy, tensile verve reminiscent of pinots from Germany or Austria, but with elusive spicy back notes nodding more towards Burgundy or the Willamette Valley. Curious about what’s happening on the other side of Lake Champlain, I’m eager to learn more about these Vermont wines!

Iapetus Wine crafts ‘place-centric’ wines from mostly Minnesota hybrids grown on Shelburne Vineyard in Shelbourne, Vermont – part of the Lake Champlain Wine Region.

Shelburne Vineyard, in Shelburne, Vermont, grows mostly Minnesota hybrids like Marquette and Vidal Blanc on its 17 acres, along with a few other grapes like riesling. Wine styles veer from reds, whites, and rosés, to traditional ice wines and untraditional sparklers.

Founded 35 years ago by owners Ken and Gail Albert, and joined by a few partners along the way, the group collectively cares about sustainability, boasting a sleek, LEED-certified winery nestled among the vines. Winemaker Ethan Joseph seeks to craft “geocratic Vermont wine”, both for Shelburne Vineyard, as well as for his own label, Iapetus Wine. These small-lot wines endeavor to ‘bridge the past with the present,’ and cater to those desiring the unconventional.

Want to learn more?

Join us on twitter at 6 pm PDT each Tuesday, May 22nd and May 29th.

Follow along using these handles + hashtags:





That it – see you soon!


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