LUX Photo Essays: Judging SIP! McMinnville 2018 Food & Wine Classic

Dear Readers:

Ever wonder what judging a wine competition looks like behind-the-scenes?

Well, here’s your chance to find out!

I’m delighted to share this  LUX Photo Essay’s behind-the-scenes video capturing the 2018 SIP! McMinnville Food and Wine Classic wine competition I recently helped judge, along with Mattie John Bamman of Ravenous Traveler, David Bellows of Chemeketa Community College Wine Program and Vidon Vineyards, Hilary Berg of Oregon Wine Press, Maxine Borcherding of Taste and Compare Academy of Wine, Spirits and Food, Mary Cressler of Vindulge, Julia Crowley of  The Real Wine Julia, Christopher Czarnecki of The Joel Palmer House, Carl Giavanti of Carl Giavanti Consulting, Ted Lauder, and Patrick McElligott of Chemeketa Community College Wine Program and Sineann Wines.

LUX Photo Essays is a collaboration between photojournalist Sara Heinrichs and award-winning writer Julia Crowley of The Real Wine Julia.

SIP! McMinnville Wine and Food Classic celebrates its 25th anniversary as one of Oregon’s premier cultural, 100% volunteer-powered events this March 9-11, 2018 at McMinnville’s Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

Eat local. Drink local. Think Oregon.

Find out more here.

Video: © LUX Photo Essays | SIP! McMinnville Wine and Food Classic.


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