My Latest in Palate Press: Taking it Slow in Central Otago (Part 2)

Taking it Slow in Central Otago (Part 2)

by L.M. Archer

This is PART TWO of L.M. Archer’s exploration of Central Otago. Before continuing, read part one.

Individuation: Fruit vs. Site

Forsyth sees a decided march towards individuation throughout Central Otago’s vineyards. “So now, thirty years later, we’re at the stage where we can see better producers concentrating on individual vineyards, husbandry, organics,” he offers. “There’s a massive divergence away from what people expect the New Zealand style to be, which is bright fruit. It’s all about fruit here, which is the best part — and the worst part.

“Now that just becomes a background for the palette of wines, I think, and the individual styles develop. We’re seeing more restraint, more elegance. The next thing after that is transparency, which then is not about fruit, but phenolics. Read more here.

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