The Hedonistic Taster | № 18 | Alit Wines – Willamette Valley

The Hedonistic Taster |  № 18  | Alit Wines – Willamette Valley, OR.

In honor of Oregon Wine Month | May 2017.

by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML


“Wine should not be regarded simply as a beverage, but as an art of living, a pleasure.” – Henri Jayer

Welcome to The Hedonistic Taster, a binNotes | redThread™ trade sampling of gorgeous, small-lot artisan pours in an intimate tasting format.

The title derives from the term ‘hedonistic tasting,’ coined by legendary Burgundian vigneron Henri Jayer.


Today’s Tasting:

Alit Wines | Willamette Valley, OR.

Conscious consumerism hits critical mass with Alit Wine.

Organic Farming. Transparent Pricing. Transcendent Pours.

Receiving these Alit Wine samples elicited a series of questions I didn’t expect, like:

Is Alit Wines for real?!

I mean – seriously?

Small-lot, biodynamically farmed Willamette Valley Pinot Noir for under $30?

Brut Premier Cru organic grower Champagne for under $30?

No middleperson? No pretentiousness?

A commitment to sharing the story of Alit winemaking – and its costs – from start to finish – from harvest to production to shipping?

Then I tasted the wines.

Leaving only one question:

Why aren’t there more wine makers doing this?

Here’s a link for those of you thirsty to learn more.

Wine: Alit Wines Pinot Noir – Willamette Valley

Vintage: 2015

Alcohol:  13.3%

$88/3 bottles of Pinot Noir (ground shipping included*)

*We cannot currently ship to PA, UT, WY, KY, AL. 

Specs: Our inaugural Pinot Noir started with a perfect patch of vineyard on an East-facing hillside in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. From there, we carefully selected twenty-five acres from around Willamette to source fruit for the wine. We farmed the grapes organically in volcanic soil that’s more than 14 million years old, picked them ripe — stems and all — and conducted an orchestra of wild yeasts to transform them into wine.

The all-natural result has something of an anchor and a wave effect: a core of sparkling/radiant red fruit (thanks to that ancient soil) and a wave of cinnamon-and-clove spiciness (from the whole-cluster fermentation and all that yeasty magic) as smooth as velvet. It’s unexpected, and we hope it makes you smile at first sip.”


Robe: Clear, deep ruby robe.

Nose:  Clean, intense, medium aromas of spice, black fruits (cherry, plum), violet, and heath.

Palate: Light body, bright acids, silky tannins, red raspberry, currant, cranberry, black tea bouche, supple finish.

Suggested Pairings: This light-hearted wine reminds me of that effortless dinner guest able to slip from one conversation to the next, leaving each listener feeling like they’re the most important person in the room. Bring it as a hostess gift, as a go-to for impromptu company, or to light up any informal gathering, including roof-top BBQ’s, surf side, and/or outdoor concerts.

Wine: Alit Wines Brut Grand Cru Champagne – Avize

Vintage: N/V

Alcohol:   12%


 $88/2 bottles of Pinot Noir and 1 bottle of Grand Cru Champagne (ground shipping included*).

*We cannot currently ship to PA, UT, WY, KY, AL. 

Specs:  Our favorite wines are like acoustic songs: honest expressions of the place and people that produced them. In the case of our first partner wine, that place is the Grand Cru region of Champagne, France and those people are Richard and Veronique Petit, a husband-and-wife team who share our dedication to all-natural winemaking.

This Brut Champagne was made with 100 percent Chardonnay grapes from five Grand Cru Vineyards and raised in the Domaine’s seven kilometers of underground caves established by Richard’s great grandfather. It has a silkier, more languid texture than most expect from Champagne — and a toasty, golden flavor that’s a bit like fresh-baked bread. Its naturally occurring constellation of tiny bubbles feel decadently festive, so we like to hand guests a glass the minute they come in the door.”


Robe: Pale lemon robe.

Nose:  Clean, dry, citrus and brioche notes.

Palate: Petite pearling, delicate mousse, grapefruit, lemon zest and brioche bouche, electric buzz on the the palate, fine fizzing to the finish.

Suggested Pairings: Hello, high quality Brut Grand Cru Champagne for under $30?! In the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, why not start with a bathtub full, please!?

For the more pragmatic among us – wait, when is Champagne EVER for the pragmatic?!?

For the sake of transparency, let’s just call this Alit Champagne for what it is – versatile, festive, and highly complimentary with just about anything you choose, from an aperitif, to oysters, to brunch, to dessert…to the end of a very long, or very special day. In short, a wine for all reasons, and seasons.

Learn more about Alit Wines certified consumer friendly wines here.

Copyrighted 2017 L.M. Archer | binNotes | redThread™. All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “The Hedonistic Taster | № 18 | Alit Wines – Willamette Valley

  1. Hi Lyn, I ordered the Alit 3 pack with 2 Pinot’s and 1 Grower Champagne back in December. Very nice wines all around. I’ll be interested to see where they take the concept and if it takes hold.


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