Les Trois Glorieuses

Dear Readers:

I’m currently on deadline for a très-cool story about Burgundy due out December 1st.

Three Days of Glory Teaser from SlipstreamCinema on Vimeo.

In the meantime, to honor Burgundy’s upcoming Hospices de Beaune wine auction and three-day celebration known as Les Trois Glorieuses this 18,19, & 20 November 2016, I wanted to share a sneak peak at a groundbreaking film currently under production about this topic.

 ‘Three Days of Glory” (Les Trois Glorieuses) turns the lens upon Les Trois Glorieuses within the crucible of Burgundy’s 2016 harvest,  perhaps one of the most devastating in Burgundy’s history.

The movie, due out in late 2017, marks a collaboration between Oregon wine importer Scott Wright of Caveau Selections and filmmaker/author David Baker of “American Wine Story.”

You can learn more about the film and how to participate here.


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Image of Clos Vougeot: ©Scott Wright.




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