redThread™ Exclusive: Diversity in Wine | A Conversation with Martin D. Redmond

redThread™ Exclusive: Diversity in Wine | A Conversation with Martin D. Redmond

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by L.M. Archer FWS, Bourgogne ML

Today’s Exclusive Interview: Diversity in Wine | Part 2 of 3

Martin D. Redmond

Martin D. Redmond, author of Enofylz. | Image © Martin D. Redmond.
Martin D. Redmond, author of Enofylz. | Image © Martin D. Redmond.

“The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.” -Charles de Montesquieu

This marks the second in a 3-part series entitled Diversity in Wine. The impetus for these interviews stems from the dynamics of my own microcosmic world of wine writing writ against the broader national dramedy currently fretting and strutting across the world stage.

I asked today’s guest, Martin D. Redmond, a financial analyst by trade and author of the influential Enofylz Wine Blog, to share his experiences in the wine industry. I know Martin through the robust online tasting community at #wineStudio, where he plays an active and prominent role.

Wine – it’s the red thread that binds us all. But so too the power of words to connect. To serve as tool, not weapon – to reflect back to one another our commonalities and our strengths, rather than our divisions and fears. Anger and mistrust seem the norm in communities right now. I don’t know how we got here. I just know that we can only get better together, not apart. To do that, we need to listen to one another. To hear one another’s stories. And in hearing, perhaps grown in understanding about others we may perceive as different.

May this series serves as a contribution to the greater conversation. Not a monologue. Not a diatribe. Rather, a dialogue about individual dreams, despairs, and devotion to the same passion we all share – wine. The red thread that connects us all. Let the conversation begin.

r/T™:  You’re a Financial Executive by day, but enjoy success in your avocation as wine blogger at How do you juggle both demands? 

MDR:  It’s quite challenging, especially when things are crazier at work than usual.  But I have a passion for wine and wine writing and I make time whenever I can to indulge both. The consumption is easier than the writing;-)

r/T™:  Walk readers through your journey thus far in the world of wine. What was it like taking that ‘leap of faith’? Did you have an ‘aha’ moment when you knew this was your path? 

MDR:  My journey into wine started later than most.  I essentially began drinking wine because of the “French Paradox”. I started blogging after attending a family reunion where I adroitly fielded many questions about wine. At that point I decided to share my passion with a wider audience.

r/T™:   Any mentors who have helped or inspired you along the way?

MDR:  Richard Jennings, a prolific wine writer and critic, has been an inspiration to me.  When I embarked upon my wine journey I enrolled in Cellar Tracker to capture my tasting notes.  I noticed that my scores were often very close to Richard’s. That gave me confidence in my ability to evaluate wines.

r/T™:   Any obstacles or challenges you’ve encountered? Any surprises?

MDR:  There are two that are opportunities for improvement for me.  The first relates to my writing. The second relates to getting more familiar with the ins and out of  WordPress.  I’m surprised how much time the social media aspect of wine writing consumes

r/T™:   As an ethnically diverse professional, do you find the world of wine embraces diversity? Or do you feel like you have to work twice as hard to earn credibility/acceptance? 

MDR:  In terms of my chosen profession, I would say “Yes” I’ve had to work harder to earn acceptance.  I don’t feel that’s been the case with my wine writing.  From my vantage point as a consumer, I’m seeing more diversity in the wine world, but depend on where you are.  I see plenty of diversity in the Bay Area.  Less in other places.

r/T™:   What is/are your ultimate goal(s) that you hope to achieve in the world of wine? 

MDR:  My ultimate goal is to do more freelance wine writing and have an article published in print or in a major on-line food/wine publication.

r/T™:    Anything else you’d care to share with readers?

MDR:  Be promiscuous when it comes to tasting wine and let you palate be your guide.  Trust yourself and enjoy the journey!

r/T™:    Finally, if your experience in the world of wine has taught you anything,

MDR:  My wine journey has mirrored my life’s journey; persistence pays.  It’s a marathon, not sprint. 

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8 thoughts on “redThread™ Exclusive: Diversity in Wine | A Conversation with Martin D. Redmond

  1. This is fantastic. I feel so lucky to share liked wine passion with Martin up to three times a month. It was a joy to finally meet him this past August. He was as I expected; kind, cool, intelligent, and a gentleman. You are BOTH awesome people and inspirations to me. Thanks for sharing this great article.


  2. Thank you for this piece. I’m a fan of Martin’s work: his insight, writing & photography. He is so skilled at explaining wine flavors & how they can be enjoyed in life & with food.

    Enofylz Wine Blog is required reading for any wine lover!


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