On the Road Again..

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by L.M. Archer FWS, Bourgogne ML

Dear Readers:

Willamette Valley from Domaine Drouhin Oregon | Image: ©2016 L.M. Archer

No, I haven’t forgotten about you – just busy traveling in Oregon, San Francisco, and N. California…oh, and a future visit to Texas Hill Country in December.

Please join me for the balance of 2016 as I amp up my redThread™ interviews with artisan wine and taste makers – and crank up my Hedonistic Tasting notes, too!

Pssst…I’ll also be winding down my Guest Writer Series for 2016…so settle in and get cozy as I toss the mike the first Friday of each month through the end of the year to a bevy of my favorite vibrant voices in the wine writing world as they offer their unique perspectives on a few of their favorite, obscure wine regions.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, you get to glimpse my pain while pursuing a Champagne Master Level designation through the Wine Scholar Guild…it’s a natural progression, really, for this Burgundy geek – learning another expression of Pinot and Chardonnay, this time with texture!

As usual, I will continue to share links to my professional features in various publications.

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Hope this helps – see you back here soon!


Copyrighted 2016 binNotes | redThread™.  All Rights Reserved.

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