Slouching Towards Lummi Island | Part 2 | Arriving

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by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Slouching Towards Lummi Island



The silvered skein of rain folds up as the ferry nears, replaced by a diffuse bolt of pale lemon keening across the bloated skyscape. Seagulls moil and screech above the patiently lapping shores. Dockside, I find the camera man Michael and his wife/assistant Ellen waiting for me by their silver truck. We’ll ride the ferry to Willows Inn on Lummi Island together.

Michael sported a cannabis-embroidered hat, rumpled look, and a calm borne of struggle polished fine. Soon, I discover his passion for cannabis oil equals my passion for pinot noir, though his passion derives from medical need, mine simply for hedonistic pleasure.

The ten minute ferry ride slides by in relative silence, until the ferry thunks its arrival against the dock. We’re here.

As we roll off the ferry onto the narrow island road, the tang of salt island air unleashes an unexpected wash of childhood sense memories, memories most Pacific Northwest natives carry on a cellular level.

Memories of  summer days spent collecting sea-smoothed oyster shells from seaweed- strewn shores, of skipping stones into freezing, frothing brine, of scavenging for driftwood to fuel beachside bonfires later that night.

Of nights filled with salty, popping flames, the sizzle of grilling salmon and oysters, the hiss of steaming mussels and clams, and the warmth of wine-infused laughter as lulling as a bedtime story.

Another rush of island air hits me, and I regain my bearings. It’s gonna be a good day.

To be continued…


Part 1 of 4: Leaving




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