Culinary Boom Towns | Seattle’s 4 Fastest Growing Foodie Neighborhoods

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by L.M. Archer FWS, Bourgogne ML

Culinary Boom Towns | Seattle’s 4 Fastest Growing Foodie Neighborhoods

by L.M. Archer, Foodable Contributor

Seattle's Culinary Boomtowns
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Culinary Boom Towns | Seattle’s 4 Fastest Growing Foodie Neighborhoods

By L.M. Archer, Foodable Contributor

Seattle’s skyline says it all — the town’s booming. Construction cranes loom large over all areas of the city, threatening to overshadow the trademark Space Needle. This boom also brings higher tax revenue. The City of Seattle anticipates a 4.5% growth in 2016, thanks largely to Amazon and Boeing.

“Boeing and Amazon have become major drivers of the growth in local employment,” reports Office of the Mayor Ed Murray’s 2016 Budget Highlights.

The boom town effect trickles down to other economic sectors, including restaurants. Classics like Canlis, Anthony’s Homeport, and Daniel’s Broiler still hold court for Seattle’s elite sports figures, corporate executives and media elites with high-net worth and disposable income.

But such old guard sites now jostle for equal time with an influx of upstart eateries elbowing to serve Seattle’s high-income, high-octane, high-tech hipsters. These up-and-comer consumers demand trendy tipples, craft cocktails, farm-to-table fare, and casual vibes suitable for their frenetic, far-flung family and professional lives.

Additionally, the Port of Seattle reports continued double-digit growth in passenger traffic to the Emerald City in 2015, both by air and cruise ship. Seattle’s cuisine reflects the escalating demands expected of an international hub, including Asian-fusion finds like Wild Ginger, group-friendly gastropubs like Spur, and Northwest cuisine cafe/bars like Local 360.

Moreover, the growth doesn’t just ‘trickle-down.’ It trickles out. Neighborhoods like Ballard, SODO, Georgetown, and West Seattle benefit, too, resulting in their own ‘boomlets.’

Here, Foodable WebTV Network takes a peek at four of Seattle’s most popular foodie regions on the rise…READ MORE.

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