Nous sommes tous Paris

Nous sommes tous Paris

Today binNotes gets personal.

If you’re reading this, it’s because either you weren’t in Paris on 13 nov 2015 – or you were, and survived.

I’m among the latter.

You’ve heard about the carnage that night, but you may not know about the evacuation of Gare Lyon earlier that afternoon.

En route to Beaune that Friday the 13th for Hospices de Beaune’s Vente des Vins 2015, our train never left the station that Friday.

Instead, heavily armed police cordoned off the area and searched the premises for a suspected terrorists armed with explosives. Approximately two hours after the evacuation, we were allowed entry, and boarded a later train.

Little did we know that as we disembarked in Burgundy, Paris bled.

We learned that after a flurry of frantic texts the next morning. To all the friends and family who reached out with love and concern for our safety, thank you. What a comfort.

To the People of Paris, thank you for your calm, grace and composure under extreme duress.

Nous sommes tous Paris.

Copyrighted 2015 binNotes. All rights reserved.

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