Kiwis & Cowhorns: Churton Wines – New Zealand

Kiwis, cow horns, and Pinot…this harvest season’s redux for the biodynamic believers among you!


Today’s Exclusive:  Sam Weaver – Churton Wines

Marlborough, New Zealand

by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

What do kiwis, cow horns, and Pinot noir have in common? Meet biodynamic wine maker Sam Weaver of Churton Wines in Marlborough, New Zealand.

British microbiologist by training, London wine seller by trade, Sam found his true calling as a biodynamic wine maker in his parent’s place of birth, New Zealand.

Today, Sam pulls double-duty as wine maker for his own family-owned, organically certified Churton Wines while also serving as wine maker for  Mount Beautiful Winery in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

I first met Sam at IPNC 2014 during a terroir field study seminar, and as I listened to him talk passionately about his struggles with the art and science of wine making, realized his hero’s journey merited telling.

Here, the Red Thread™ talks terroir, biodynamics, Burgundy, and more with Sam Weaver of Churton Wines:

r/T™ : You started out…

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