Women Wine Maker Series | Anne Parent – Domaine Parent

It’s harvest time worldwide, including Burgundy, Center of the Universe to this wine writer. In homage, please enjoy this Red Thread™ interview with the formidable Anne Parent of Domaine Parent in Pommard…it just seemed right to redux. Santé!


Today’s Exclusive:  Anne Parent, Domaine Parent

Pommard – Burgundy, FR

by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Ever wonder who Thomas Jefferson’s Burgundian wine supplier was? Just ask the formidable Madame Anne Parent of Domaine Parentin Pommard, whose winemaking heritage harkens back twelve generations, including an ancestor who served as wine supplier to Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States.

I first encountered Madame Parent at the Terroirs et Signatures de Bourgogne 2014 Seattle Trade Show – her wines ferocious in flavor and unflinching in tensile structure – a combination of power and finesse, coupled with undeniable character.

Here, Mdm. Anne Parent graciously shares a bit about her wines and winemaking with the Red Thread™:

R/T™ : Who or what brought you to winemaking?

MAP: Actually, I have wanted to have this job since I was a little girl. When my father retired, my sister Catherine and I took over the Domaine. Winemaking has always fascinated me, it thus came…

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