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by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Red Thread™ | Napa Narrative

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Today binNotes gets personal.

L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Earlier this year, I wrote about my new wine maker series entitled the Red Thread™.

While I actually began these wine maker interviews in 2014, the name for the series came to me while working with my sister on her own, separate wine making quest last harvest.

It’s so amazing to have a sibling with a different perspective on the same industry.  She’s the hands-on, dirt-under-the fingernails, pruning, picking, fermenting, racking and bottling gal.

I’m the geek word-smith inspired by the hero’s quest each wine maker undergoes every vintage.

In 2015, I knew I wanted to circle back where I’d left off last year with a piece I did entitled Napa for Normal People.

Napa gets a bad rap as an overpriced Disneyland for wine snobs. In actuality, Napa nurtures some deeply creative souls fashioning finely nuanced wines that fly under the radar.

This month, I’ll feature a series of three such wine makers in my Red Thread™ series entitled ‘Napa Narrative.’

And during Oregon Wine Month in May, look for my series on Willamette Valley wine makers.



See my recent Red Thread ™ interview with Woodinville wine maker Mari Womack of Damsel Cellars here

See more Red Thread™ interviews here.


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