TASTE Vacations| Basque Country & Rioja ES

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by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

TASTE Vacations: Basque Country and Rioja| Spain

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Welcome, dear readers…As promised,  I have a travel update for you.

Last November I told you about my travels to Paso Robles, CA. for the Wine Tourism Conference to learn more about the TASTE Vacations luxury wine tours affiliate program.

As an affiliate, I get to share upcoming wine tours with you.

Well, that day has arrived.

 Out of respect to you, dear readers,  I’ve decided to highlight only those wine region(s) and wine tour guides I know personally.


  TASTE Vacations Basque Country and Rioja | Spain

 A truly great tour guide offers a seamless introduction to another culture, combining  fact and folly to make the trip not just enjoyable, but memorable. And if you get a tour guide conversant not only in the country’s language(s), but its nuances –  well, then folks, you have yourself a keeper.

Jenny Siddall of TASTE Vacations Basque Country and Rioja | Spain tour is a keeper. I first met Jenny at a non-TASTE Vacations affiliated wine tasting class in San Sebastian, Spain in 2012 (that’s her arm pouring in the left-hand picture above.)

What can I say? This tri-lingual Brit expat knows her Rioja. And her bubbles. And the Spanish culture, a culture she’s embraced as her own.  A culture centered around food, wine and friendship. Combine the tour with breathtaking geography, delightful weather, plus up-close and personal encounters with local bodegas, artisan vendors, and cooking classes…well, you may not want to come home. I know I didn’t.

The good news: The next TASTE Vacation Basque Country & Rioja | Spain tour with Jenny Siddall departs July 12-17 2015. 

The tour includes the option for private tours, and a choice between classic or luxury accommodations.

Details here.

The bad news: Only one TASTE Vacation Basque Country & Rioja | Spain tour currently scheduled in 2015.

Get on it! Register here.


TASTE Vacations currently offers no tours to Burgundy, so if you are hankering for a visit to the Center of the Universe, please feel free to shoot me an email @ binnotes@gmail.com, tweet me @binNotes, or feel free to leave a comment below – I’m happy to give you my personal recommendations.

Care to share? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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