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by. L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Walla Walla Wine @McCaw Hall | Seattle 2015 

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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
― Victor Hugo

No coincidence that Walla Walla Wine chose Seattle’s McCaw Hall to host their 2015 road show. binNotes attended this event, and breaks it down for you in three (3) easy pieces:

I.  Lyric

An undeniable musicality underscores the wines of Walla Walla, running the gamut of high, low and mid-notes with varying acumen.

For example, noteworthy performer G. Cuneo Cellars 2011 Bonatello Riserva Sangiovese lilts with supple grace across the palate like a Puccini libretto, while Kerloo Cellar’s 2012 Upland Grenache pours out with Carmen-esque coloratura, as Gifford Hirlinger 2012 Estate Malbec struts and frets like The Tales of Hoffman.

Scene Stealer: Waitsburg Cellars

Utterly original renditions of old world standards with new-world phrasing.

A tri-part harmony of understated brilliance. Sui generis. 

2013 Cheninieres | Snipes Mountain

2013 Chevray | Snipes Mountain

2013 Three White | Yakima Valley

II.  Luminous

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.”  Galileo once observed. Apt when referencing the luminous wash of wines from Walla Walla. They illuminate like broad bolts of sunlight across the region’s epic expanse of hills. Something in the sun, soil, soul of the place that pulses through the vines and wines with a super-charged energy. It’s the same savage beauty experienced during my visit to Walla Walla last summer, as noted in Ode to Walla Walla.

III.  Luscious

Get real. Most Walla Walla vignerons will tell you that the fruit comes first – they just grow it, then get out of the way, and allow the wine to speak – or sing – for itself. Indeed. Walla Walla belts out some lyrical, luminous, luscious wines.


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