#MWWC11: Friend

Welcome to another installment of the Monthly Wine Writers Challenge.

#MWWC11: Friend

By L.M. Archer, FWS

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Yes, folks…it’s time to interrupt binNotes’ regular posts for another

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.

I’ll get to my IPNC post later this week…

In the meantime, let’s start with some shout-outs to #MWWWC brainchild, thedrunkencyclist,  last month’s MWWC winner, Dracaena Wines, and  The ArmChair Sommelier  for  MWWC ‘s winning logo.

This month’s Wine Writing Challenge topic: Friend


There’s a fine line between friend and frenemy. At least with me. At least regarding wine.

Truthfully, I hated wine until early adulthood. Hated not because I loathed the taste, but because of the blight it bore on certain branches of our family tree. I forsook wine and all attending spirits with the zeal of a temperance suffragette until after college, when I met bubbles at a social function.

Gorgeous, George Cluny-like effervescent sparkling wine. The life of the party and shyness slayer. My new best social acquaintance. But only a social acquaintance.

Until access to an unlimited expense account allowed for drinking through the high end of the wine list.

And so wine moved to the table, inserting itself dryly at lunch and dinner and on weekends. Where it climbed from acquaintance to new best friend. Until gorgeous George Cluny-like friend morphed into George Costanza-like frenemy, rife with inappropriate comments and bad hair.

At which time wine and I parted ways.

Eventually, I learned to view wine as more family than friend – one you love, but who can still get you to act silly, if you’re not careful.

A social connector and memory-maker, best in moderation.

And so – yes, there’s a fine line between friend and frenemy. And sometimes between friend and family. But wine will always have a place at the table – just not under it.




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