Terroirist Tuesday: Get Your #Terroir On, Part 2

Welcome to binNotes’ Terroirist Tuesday. Today’s Topic: Terroir, Part 2

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by L. M. Archer, FWS

Welcome back! First, a shout out to thedrunkencyclist, who graciously pointed out that these Terroirist Tuesday quizzes lack a clear winner, only general results. True. Unfortunately, while PollDaddy looks pretty, it only quantifies the answers, not qualifies them, viz, doesn’t say who answered what.

Ok, ok. binNotes promises to post future quizzes without visually appealing but statistically unappealing PollDaddy – opting instead for the good ole’ ‘Comments’ section to track results. This should make the competitive at heart among you – everyone – enjoy the experience a bit more.

So without further ado – let’s cut to the chase and post the Terroir quiz results (press ‘View Results’) and  the answers below.

Well. Those are the results. Here are the answers:

1. Terroir refers to: All of the above. 

  • A viti-vinicultural concept regarding a defined piece of land.
  • A term derived from the word ‘territory.’ 
  • A Burgundian term describing the various climactic, topographical and vinicultural influences contributing to a wine’s unique personality.

2. In Burgundy, the term ‘climat’: Refers to a defined piece of land.

3. In Burgundy, a cadastral unitIs a technical term used by geographers to describe a parcel of land.

That it – we’ll unpack the term terroir in Terroirist Tuesday: Terroir: Part 3…after a few fun sidetrack posts, including binNotes first guest-blogging gig on all things Burgundy for The Good Life France.

In the meantime…remember: Life without wine is no life at all…thanks for stopping by. Santé!

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