Terroirist Tuesday: Côte Chalonnaise – Part 2

Welcome to Terroirist Tuesday! This week’s topic: Cote Chalonnaise, Part 2 of 3

by L.M. Archer, FWS

Welcome back, dear readers! Well, how did you do on last week’s Côte Chalonnaise Geek Quiz? Answers below:

1. The Cote Chalonnaise includes the following subregion(s): Côtes du Couchois

Nice try. Cote d’Or claims The Châtillonais , and Chablis the Grand Auxerrois.

Some other fun factoids about Côtes du Couchois:

  • It’s small – ~15 acres total. (~5.90 hectares.)
  • #1 Varietal: Pinot Noir.
  • It holds a Regional appellation: Bourgogne du Chouchois.

2. Côte Chalonnaise produces: More white than red wine.

  • White production = 55%
  • Red  production =  45%

Major white wine producing villages include:

  • Bouzeron: 100% Aligote.
  • Rully: Chardonnay accounts for 2/3 wine production  Also, the first Burgundian appelation to craft sparkling wine in the méthode traditionnelle, and the center of Burgundy’s Crémant de Bourgogne production.
  • Montagny: 100% Chardonnay.

3. Cote Chalonnaise soils: Most resemble Côte de Beaune to its north.

Complex question, just like Burgundy’s soils!

Here’s the story: A big, bad gap, called the Blanzy Rift, separates the Côte de Beaune from the Côte Chalonniase. Despite the rift,  the soils of northern Côte de Chalonnaise most resemble Côte de Beaune’s Jurassic limestone and marls.

Moving south, the soils age. Southern Côte Chalonnaise’s Montagny mix it up with Liassic and Triassic limestone, sand, clay and quartz.

4. Burgundy’s only village appellation for aligoté: Bouzeron.

Hold on to your hats for this one! Bouzeron is Burgundy’s only 100% Aligoté appellation!

A vigorous white varietal with bigger berries than that of Chardonnay,  Aligoté produces a lean, clean wine of medium weight.

Bouzeron’s most famous producer of aligoté’?  None other A. et P. de Villain of Cote de Nuits’ esteemed DRC.

Well, that concludes this week’s Terroirist Tuesday…hope you had fun and  learned something!

Join binNotes for the next Terroirist TuesdayCôte Chalonnaise, Part 3: Meet the Winemaker, featuring Agnès Dewé de Launay of Domaine du Meix Foulot, Mercurey. Santé!


binNotes travels closer to home this week for a peek inside the 2014  Washington State Wine Awards. Stay tuned!

Thank you: BIVB

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4 thoughts on “Terroirist Tuesday: Côte Chalonnaise – Part 2

    1. Sorry for delay…out of pocket the past two days on project…as for quiz results – thanks for pointing out a flaw in the data analysis portion of this little quiz…PollDaddy tracks quantitative stats, but not the qualitative, viz., the WHO. I may have to rethink the process for future quizzes…so much for trying to keep it simple…:).
      Thanks again for your work on #MWWC – so NOT an exercise in simplicity!Cheers~


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