#Wine Notes LIVE from #France

Burgundy's Cote de Nuits - world's most elegant Pinot Noir producing area.jpg

Bonjour, dear readers. No, binNotes has NOT been remiss in blogging duties while in Burgundy…just without wifi.

But here in Avignon, where binNotes resides south for a little sun before heading back to Paris and then stateside –viola – le wifi works!

I have to admit – it’s hard staying on point in Burgundy with days that start at 8 a and end at 11 p…involving much tasting and vineyard visits and more tastings and eating, then domaine visits and more tastings and then again more eating and drinking…the lines get slurred after awhile.

But make no mistake. Burgundy IS all that, and a bag of chips…truffle chips, to be exact. Oh, and please don’t ask Burgundians what kind of pinot noir they make. They don’t make pinot noir – they make Burgundy. Big difference.

Elaboration will continue next Terroirist Tuesday. Suffice it to say we have A LOT to talk about, dear readers. A lot. Burgundy…A Love Story continues…stronger than ever. Sante!

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