Pinot: A Love Story

Yesterday, Andy the Purveyor of Only the Finest Pinots paid a visit. In town from Atlanta with his lovely wife to visit his equally lovely friends (all names save Andy’s have been redacted in the interest of national security), we discovered a kindred affinity for all things pinot while tasting Lachini Vineyards wines.

This was no ordinary visit. I could tell by the twinkle in his eye – that twinkle known only to those of us in that most secret of societies, bound by a shared love of all things Pinot, and most especially all things Burgundian.

With him, Andy brought a bottle of Chateau de la Tour Clos-Vougeot 2005 Grand Cru. Viewing the bottle alone brought tears to this Pinot-phile’s eyes. Uncorking it for enjoyment (later, of course) proved surreal. In my hands I bore one of the Holiest of Pinot Grails. Pinch me. On second thoughts, please disregard. For this is one dream from which I wanted never to awake.

Upon uncorking, the bouquet wafted heaventoward, a fragrance particular to the Côte du Nuit, and best described as delicately floral. The taste bright, with judicious tannins, discrete cherry notes, a hint of truffle, and lingering finish. Alcohol: 13%.

To anyone who carries a torch for Pinot, this is what life is all about – sharing the joy of this most expressive, elusive, and mysterious of pours with others of like spirit.

Merci, Andy & crew. Santé!

Copyrighted 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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