WITWIB? @LachiniVineyards!

binNotes moves to the Dark Side as a Tasting Room Associate for Lachini Vineyards in Woodinville Wine Country, pouring “Pinots Worth Coveting, ” effective this weekend.

What pouring at Lachini Vineyards means for binNotes the Blog remains uncertain, but binNotes’ author will continue to write on topics that do not present a conflict of interest until further notice.

Some personal observations:

I started binNotes the Blog as one writer’s avenue of appreciation for ‘wine as an art, not just a beverage.’

I studied hard to achieve designations and industry knowledge in order to credibly tell the stories I cover.

Along the way, my focus shifted from the wines to the wine makers and their communities, which my freelance writing in Palate Press showcases.

Wine makers merit attention. To make wine requires not only skill, but heart, soul, and cojones.

Making wine means staring down the muzzle of the loaded gun of Mother Nature every year – who can be a real Mother.

Making wine means risking everything on red, when all your friends have played it safe on the penny slots.

Making wine means ‘manning’ – or ‘ womaning’ up when you feel you can’t plow one more row, lift one more pallet, sterilize one more tank.

When the tough get going, the tough get going to a vineyard.

I am so grateful to all the wine makers and industry leaders who graciously granted me interviews this past year, and honored  to tell their stories to the world.

However, wine is not just an art, it’s a business. Working at Lachini Vineyards brings me up-close and personal with the day-to-day wine industry, rather than viewing it from afar.

I look forward to you joining me on this next leg of my journey…and thank you for your support. Cheers!

The Drunken Cyclist – this especially means you!

Copyrighted 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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