#WW: Boony Doon Vineyards

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”- William Shakespeare“, As You Like It”, Act 5 scene 1

This week’s #WW showcases another of binNotes’ global tribe of creative spirits ‘who consider wine and art, not just a beverage’.

Today, binNotes continues the new tradition begun last week –  spotlighting artisan winemakers.

This week, binNotes features Pinterest follower Boony Doon Estate Vineyards and its fearless leader, Randall Grahm.


Innovator, provocateur, original Rhone Ranger, and 2012 Wine Blogger Conference Keynote Speaker extraordinaire, Randall Grahm continues to push the envelope, whether obloviating for biodynamics, advocating seed-grown vines, or crusading for screwcaps – as this video shows.

The Merry Prankster abides. Santé!

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