Amuse Bouche: 5 Stages of Intoxication

As binNotes slaves away at the keyboards on some promised Spanish wine features, here’s a little bit of intoxication trivia for your amusement…cheers.

Vicomte de Mauduit (author of “The Vicomte in the Kitchen”) is credited with identifying the five stages of intoxication: jocose, bellicose, lachrymose, comatose and morotose.

Moët-Chandon-Dom-Pérignon-Champagne-Fire-Extinguisher“The first two,” wrote the Vicomte, “are not only respectable, but very, very nice; the third not quite so respectable and not quite so nice; the fourth not respectable at all, and not a bit nice. As for the fifth, well, it finishes one.”

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