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Ok, so maybe some of you missed Steve Heimoff’s recent musings on the 100-point system. It’s understandable. You’ve been glued to Season 3 of Downton Abbey, jonesing for Game of Thrones to begin.

Let’s just say the wine industry appears a bit disillusioned with the 100-point rating system.

Not new. But news. Because more people are saying it instead of thinking it.

However, long before Robert Parker’s sale/non-sale/misunderstanding of and about  The Wine Advocate, one winery took on the 100-point system, like David took on Goliath.

And continues today.

The winery?  Hedges Family Estates of Washington State’s Red Mountain AVA.

The movement? The ScoREVOLuTion.

The premise? Judge wine on bottle content,  not an arbitrary score. Pretty simple.

Learn more at: ScoREVOLuTion…Santé!

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