Spanish Sippers: Part 2

Spanish Sippers: Part 2

by L.M. Archer

In Spanish Sippers, Part 1, binNotes shared seven sip-worthy Spanish wine regions.

Today, binNotes cracks open the treasure trove of personal favorites from these regions, listed by region, Bodega, and vintage.

Many of these wines cost under $15US, except most of the Reserva, Gran Reserva , Superior, and Cuvee Especial. Most are found on

Wines listed by region:
Priorat DOQ
Segura Viudas Viña Heredad 2010 Tinto

Penedés DO
Familiá Sedó Bar-Celó 2010 Tinto

La Mancha DO
Adolfo Selleción – Tinto
Finca Venta de Don Quijote – 2009 Tinto

Ribera del Duero DO
Obra – Joven 2010 Tinto
Pago de Carraovejas – Autor 2010 Tinto

Jerez DO
Terry Pedro Ximinez Sherry
Terry Fino Sherry
Terry Oloroso Sherry
Harvey’s Amontillado Sherry
V. Castillo de Macharnudo Superior

Rioja DOCa
Cepa Santiguas – Joven 2011
Landaluca – Rioja Alavesa – Joven 2011
Hacienda Lopez de Haro – Crianza 2008
Bai Gorri – Crianza 2007
R. Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia – Viña Bosconia Reserva 2003
Viña Olagosa – Gran Reserva 2001
Royal Carlton – Brut Nature, Cuveé Especial

Txokolina DO
Geñeta – Txokoli 2011

BONUS: You’ll note some super blanco (white) and rosado (rosé) sippers from three (3) Spanish wine regions we’ll be discussing next feature:

Three Spanish Wine Regions to get your Blanco y Rosado On!

  • Bierzo DO
  • Rueda DO
  • Somontado DO

In the meantime, if you do try any of these wines and wish to share YOUR impressions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

And if you’d like binNotes’ personal impressions on any of the wines here…leave a comment below. binNotes loves sharing tasting notes. ¡Salud!

Look for these upcoming binNotes features:

Three Spanish Wine Regions to get your Blanco y Rosado On!
The Fino Print on Sherry


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