Burgundy Behind the Bottle

Image: Wine Oh TV: Burgundy Wine Behind the Bottle


While doing research on a recent project, I located this wonderful video on Burgundian wine production by Bejot Vins & Terroirs. It’s a great little intro into the art of Old World wine making. It’s also a grace note on the Burgundian wine industry today. I’ll talk a little more about that in a bit.

First, the video presents a ‘behind the bottle’ look at wine production by season. Very briefly, these include:

Winter: Pruning

Spring: Bud break

Summer: Fruit set, véraison (when the grapes change color before harvesting.)

Fall: Harvest

After harvest comes fermentation, élevage (which literally means ‘bringing up’ or ‘raising’), barreling, and bottling.

As for that grace note on the Burgundian wine industry. The video producer, Bejot Vins et Terroirs, owns and operates vineyards throughout France, including Moillard of Burgundy’s Cote-de-Nuits. Begun in 1850, Maison Moillard of Burgundy sold to Bijots Vins et Terroirs in 2008. The transition from boutique family maison to industry powerhouse often sacrifices artistry over production.

Interestingly, recently (prior to locating this video) I had the opportunity to taste a Moillard – Mercurey 2009 Pinot Noir*. While not a Grand Cru or Premier Cru, the wine held forth with all the translucence, grace, and subtlety of any of its noble Côte d’Or counterparts. Bijots Vins et Terroirs appears to honor the spirit of Maison Moillard well. Sante!

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