Joyeaux Noel


With Armageddon 2012 looming, binNotes takes a much-needed holiday break, and hopes to rejoin you all in 2013…

Holiday Greetings to binNotes followers worldwide in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, California – and elsewhere!

If you’ve not yet friended or followed binNotes, please take time to join the discussion at:

I’ll be candid and say that I enjoy Twitter’s brevity, Pinterest’s visual elegance and WordPress’s literal appeal far more than Facebook. I’d be curious to learn any tricks for achieving comfort on Facebook (Feel free to leave a comment below.)

In the meantime, thanks for sharing my journey this past year – from earning my beloved French Wine Scholar designation, to garnering some cool blog awards, to recounting far-flung freelance food, wine and literary forays…what a ride!

Should we all indeed survive Armaggedon 2012, look for some format change-ups in 2013, including the introduction of video interviews. And don’t forget more forthcoming freelance wine and travel guest writer links!

 Best wishes to you and yours this Holiday Season, and in the New Year.

Cheers! Sante! ¡Salud! Salute!

Comments? Cheers!

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