Cave B Estate Winery: Part 2 – A Tale of Terroir

Welcome to a Special Edition of Terroirist Tuesday. Due to recent press regarding the possible sale of Cave B to the Port of Quincy, today binNotes features a favorite re-post on Cave B – enjoy!


Photo: Cave B Estate Winery

“A person who takes a simple idea and makes it tediously complex is referred to as an intellectual. A person who takes a tediously complex idea and makes it simple is called a genius. Condense the whole megillah into a line or two—then you really have something.” -Kinky Friedman

“Le meilleur terroir ne diffère en rien du mauvais s’il n’est cultivé.”(The best terroir does not differ from the worst if it is not cultivated.) -Vauban

Part 2 of 2 – Cave B Estate Winery

“We were going to plant the estate entirely in Pinot Noir when we first bought the land.” That’s Vince Bryan, owner of Cave B Estate Winery, holding forth on all things Cave B, as binNotes man-handles grapes on the brunch fruit plate. The man has stories – each one more compelling than the last, with occasional gentle interjections by wife…

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