If Dogs Reviewed Wines…


Yesterday’s WSJ article by Elizabeth Bernstein on “Why We Are So Rude Online” got me thinking – what if dogs reviewed wines?

So today, Lucca – the canine power behind binNotes’ throne – weighs in on his Pic 3 pours for this week – Old World all:

#1: Chorey Château De Les Beaune Les Cras 2007 – Premier Cru

4-Paws up poised perfection. Cranberry-colored cherry eddy with black currant undertow.
Wine Merchant: Garagiste $39.99

Image: http://www.vincellar-infolio.com

#2: Cantina Di Negrar Le Roselle Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso 2010

3-Paws-up plays-well-with-any meal sunny-sloped, twice-kissed Sofia-Loren-on-a-picnic delight. Wine Merchant: European Vine Selections  $15

Image: cantinanegrar.com

#3: Monte Ducay Reserva Cariñena 2008

2-Paws-up (ok – probably 3) Roll out  a barrel of this high quality, castanet-snapping informal Iberian sipper. Wine Merchant: Trader Joe’s $5.99

Image: santacecilia.es

Bark less – drink more wine! Cheers~

Comments? Cheers!

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