#Terroirist Tuesday: Part 2

 First Stop: Lower Loire Valley


Terroirist Tuesday© is baaack…when last we met, dear readers, binNotes had meandered from her usual ‘less-is-more’ text and ‘a picture IS worth a 1000 words’ graphics format, to an experimental ‘let’s drop y’all into the Middle Loire Valley and lull you to sleep with dull facts and even duller graphics ‘ albatross of an entry (…it SEEMED like a good idea at the time….)

Anyway…as they say in WBC12-Land: ‘be true to your voice’…so without further ado, binNotes bids you ‘Terroirist Tuesday’ – the timesuck-less version.

Terroirist Tuesday: Part 2 – The Lower Loire Valley

Bonus Question:

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The reader who correctly answers the most ‘Terroirist Tuesday’ quizzes through December 21, 2012 will win a bottle of  wine, hand-selected by binNotes, to enjoy on Armeggedon 2012. (Only 4 more months to oblivion…) Cheers!


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