Forgeron Cellars: Woodinville Grand Opening

Good news, wine lovers! Walla Walla’s Forgeron Cellars opens a new tasting room in Woodinville this Sunday, July 29th from 2-5 pm.  

“Forgeron” in French means blacksmith, but also connotes an artisan skilled at their craft.  Legendary winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla and her assistant winemaker David Kennell create some of the purest expressions of elegantly restrained wines this side of the Saône River. Their signature 2010 Vigneron Select Chardonnay unfolds in deft, nuanced layers,  while the 2007 Infinity Blend  illustrates consummate commingling craftsmanship.

Come check out the new Woodinville Forgeron Cellar Tasting Room this Sunday, July 29th, 2-5 pm: 14344 Woodinville-Redmond Highway, Redmond, 98052. Cheers!


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