Art of V

Image: binNotes©

A helicopter crash landing jump-starts actor (Burkes’ Law/Land of the Giants), artist and wine maker Gary Conway’s “The Art of the Vineyard“, a ‘truth IS stranger than fiction’ tale of transformation from LA city rat to born-again vineyard owner that parallels Paso’s own coming-of-age as a player in the California wine industry.

Gary and his former-Miss America wife Marian, owners of Paso Robles’ Carmody/McKnight Estate Wines, surmount obstacles sure to wipe the ‘I have a dream’ smirk off any winery-wanna-be. Think Don Quixote meets-Green Acres-while channelling-John Wayne-and concert-pianist Paderewski – shared with droll humor and plenty of the author’s artistic interludes. A great read for those who consider “wine an art, not just a beverage.’ Cheers!

(Thanks to Paso partners in crime Troy & Deanne for lending binNotes this summer treat.)

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