The Future of Wine Buying?

Image: binNotes©

binNotes dropped by the Total Wine Grand Opening in Bellevue yesterday to eyeball over 8000 labels under one roof, including spirits. As a local specialty wine importer observed while perusing the Bordeaux aisles “This changes the whole landscape of wine buying in Washington state.”

The French section highlights some mind-blowing selections of Bordeaux and CDP/Rhone, classic Burgundy/Beaujolais options, an assemblage from Loire that disserves the region’s diversity, and disappointingly scant choices from Alsace, Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence and Corsica. Champagne the Region lives among the general, well-stocked Champagne the Beverage section.

Sidenote: A quick peek at the Spanish section reveals some hidden Reserva gems among the Jovens and Crianzas.

Whether a wine collector or simply a bargain-hunter – have fun browsing. Cheers~

Comments? Cheers!

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