binNotes Best Kept Secret Revealed

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 “O grace abounding, through which I presumed to set my eyes on the Eternal Light so long that I spent all my sight on it! -Dante,  Canto XXXIII, Paradiso

The wait staff at the establishment I am about to ‘out’ will understand this next statement: “Yes, I know this posting is long overdue.”

Why? Well, because despite repeated hints by the always charming and attentive wait staff, the subtle plying with pillows of freshly baked rolls, and recent outright requests (…”rumor has it you write a blog…”), binNotes suffers an overwhelming reluctance to reveal this favorite foodie oasis.

It’s true. After six years as a regular, enjoying owner chef Fabrizio Loi’s little taste of  Sardinia – unquestionably the most authentic old world cuisine this side of the Mediterranean, including reliably fresh, flawlessly prepared fish, veggies, and hand-made pastas, clouds of piping-hot dinner rolls, regularly rotating wine list, and relentlessly engaging, old-world-style staff, binNotes simply hates to shine a light on her favorite place to savor ‘off the clock.’

So this one’s for the cast and crew at Ristorante Paradiso, binNotes little piece of paradise, and definitely the real deal. Mille Grazie!
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