EVOO: Cannon Beach Academy Award Winner

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“Wine makes a symphony of a good meal.”  – Fernande Garvin, ‘The Art of French Cooking’

                       “But what is drama? Broadly speaking, it is whatever by imitative action rouses interest or gives pleasure.”   – George P. Baker

Whew…it’s been a whirlwind week, dear readers – just circling back to all things Cannon Beach. Per binNotes’ recent entry on Cave B Inn as la bombe of  wine and gourmand getaways, Cannon Beach’s EVOO merits a standing ovation for owners Bob Negroni and Lenore Emery’s unparalleled food and wine dinner shows, cooking classes, catering, and culinary shop set in the shadow of Haystack Rock.

These food and wine drama performances provide sensory-overloaded pleasure to regularly sold-out full houses, as binNotes can attest.

EVOO Dinner Show April 2012 Playbill:

Act I: In which EVOO guests learn the art of smelling, sipping, swirling, and swilling award-winning Lavelle 2011 Pinot Gris, while culinary stars Bob and Lenore juggle with aplomb marinated baby octopi and squid in aromatic olive oil and white wine while preparing the world’s most succulent salmon ever – Oregon King – then plating with warmed white beans, red onion, minced Piquillo peppers and wild arugula salad.

(Hint: Good idea to eat light – or maybe not at all, the day of dinner show.)

Act II: In which Bob and Lenore dispel many meat-thermometer myths and other carnivorous insights during preparation of fennel pollen-crusted pork loin served with black kale and pappardelle heavenly hand-cut pasta, as binNotes savors the paired Mannina 2009 WallaWalla Merlot while awaiting non-meat eater option grilled portobello mushroom.

(binNotes DID warn readers to eat light…or maybe NOT at all the day of dinner show…?)

Intermission: In which the guests and hosts share a bit about themselves…mostly Canadians this performance, eh.

Act III: In which hosts Bob and Lenore beef things up with grass-fed tenderloin filet, shrimp artichoke tomato butter sauce, roasted spring asparagus and semolina Pugliese, while binNotes boxes up her non-meat option crusted halibut in lieu of sloshing through the accompanying Cathedral Ridge 2007 Zinfandel.

(Seriously…DO NOT EAT before attending an EVOO dinner show…ever!)

Denouement: In which those still sober and insatiate witness the secrets of creating pistachio and pine nut brittle served with tiramisu parfait and chocolate biscotti, as binNotes slips into a food and drink induced coma prior to the curtain call. Bravo!

Learn more: EVOO

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