Cave B Estate Winery: Cabernet Franc 2009

Photo: Cave B Estate Winery

Part 1 of 2 – Cave B Estate Winery 2012 Spring Release

Every palate has a problem child…that irritating varietal or blend that scratches across the tongue like a load of lumber, with lashings of leather to finish. In the case of  binNotes, Cabernet Franc has acted out badly with unfailing regularity at each and every opportunity accorded its mostly Middle-Loire dwelling life. Until this past weekend.

At Cave B Estate Winery 2012 Spring Release Wine Pairing Luncheon, the 2009 Cabernet Franc played nicely with binNote’s shocked and awed palate,  congenially pairing with Columbia River Steelhead served with pomegranate  and english cucumber salsa. The secret?  Cabernet Franc’s blending partners Petit Verdot and Merlot (blending percentages not listed), gentle persuaders assisting in softening the initial hit of green bell pepper while enhancing the red berry and pomegranate notes. An added touch of  15% new Hungarian oak adds some subtle spice to the finish.

Moments like these keep binNotes on the passionate pursuit of the pour – the deft touch of a madly skilled winemaker ( in this case, Cave B’s inimitable Freddy Arredondo) able to unlock a puckered palate to reveal an entirely new realm of enjoyment. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Cave B Estate Winery: Cabernet Franc 2009

  1. Cab Franc can be one of the most awesome varietals, yet you are right. Too much wood and it gets messed up beyond belief. I happen to love the Barboursville Cab Franc from Virginia, a masterpiece.


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