Sunshine Award Redux

It’s just one big blog-huggers’ award-fest this weekend! Merci to Becoming Madame for nominating binNotes for a Sunshine Award – apparently our mutual nominations crossed in the blogosphere this weekend…In keeping with the noble Blog Awards tradition, binNotes will share 10 things readers may not know about moi, followed by bestowal of the coveted Sunshine Award to 10 well-deserving bloggers. So many blogs…so little time…

10 Fun Facts about binNotes:

1. binNotes likes wine.

2. binNotes especially likes French wine.

3. binNotes especially likes French wine from Burgundy.

4. …but won’t pass up a pour from The Rhone …(cheers, Domaine de Mourchon!)

5. ..and Provence…santé, rosé!

6. …and Languedoc and Roussillon –  VDN’s oxidized or not!

7. binNotes has a soft spot for the wines of Gascony, so overshadowed by…

8. …that haughty Bordeaux…and its tasty Sauternes!

9. binNotes has a slight obsession with Champagne…

10. …and an appreciation for the other wine regions of France: Alsace, Beaujolais, Corsica and the Loire.

And now, drum roll please….the 10 finalists for the Sunshine Award, in no particular order:

1. Redpantsandamustache: Taking on Stockholm…one coffee shop at a time.

2. ibeclint: ‘weird is all i’ve got. that and my sweet style.’

3. DrinkWhatYouLike: If you insist.

4. Montreal in Pictures: Giving the City of Lights a run for her money.

5. shebicycles: ‘It is better to travel than to arrive.’

6. Hakan Dahlstrom Photography:  Helsingborg, Sweden. (what up with the Swedish theme here, binNotes Francophile?!)

7. avvinare: Live, from NY-  an Italian-trained sommelier spills.

8. GMB Akash: Unflinching photojournalism from Bangladesh and beyond.

9. Photobotos: Japanese snow monkeys, and a lot more.

10.ballardfarmersmarket: Keepin’ it real in the ‘hood.

That it. Cheers!

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