Versatile Blogger’s Award Redux

A few weeks ago, Hurdles to Happiness author Dan Balva awarded the “Versatile Blogger’s Award” to seven blog sites, including binNotes.

Buried in French Wine studies at the time, binNotes has since come up for air. First, thanks to Dan for the honor. Second, in keeping with his ‘pay it forward’ approach, below find binNotes’ seven ‘versatile’ sites (hard t0 pick just  seven) in no particular order, and for no particular reason, other than they move, touch and inspire – or simply reduce binNotes to laughter. Enjoy!

1. Running Naked with Scissors: Favorite entry: You Might Be a WordPress Junkie

2. No Wine For You: That’s right.

3. Cooking Spree: ‘Putting Love on the Table.’

4. Al Gravitar Rodando: Soulful in Spain

5. The Lantern Room: ‘Enlightenment through Photography.’

6. Maria Chetner:  More photos – NYC.

7. Becoming Madame: Expat in the City of Lights!

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger’s Award Redux

  1. How kind of you to nominate cooking-spree. Thanks so much! And congratulations to You! Oh how deliciously delightful to be buried in French wine studies – do study hard! Now I’m off to check out your other picks!


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