Local Vine: Lushous

“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” – Benjamin Franklin

I broke my one drink limit  recently. (One drink, dear reader, reduces binNotes to illegibility – not pretty in public.)  Why? Because The Local Vine Wine Bar‘s transcendent wine list begs for over-indulgence. Calibrated for idealistic neophytes and jaded winers alike, it trills forth with witty, weighty, other-worldly wines.

Outside-the-box flights include ‘Bubbly Bliss’,  “Weird Whites’, and ‘Wine Snob.’  Thoughtful by the glass/bottle categories range from ‘Statuseque’ whites,  to ‘Engaging’ reds, and  ‘Winter Wows.’

Looking for an atypical white with which to color outside the lines discretely? Try ‘Unique’ selection Pomerols Picpoul – Picpoul de Pinet, Coteaux du Languedoc, FR 2010 $7/21 12.5% . (Picpoul means ‘lip-puckering’ in French.) This wine pours tart with aromas of verbena – a perfect candidate for serving chilled as a palate cleanser.

For those seeking a ‘Bombshell’ Red, enter the wonderful world of Bordeaux with the Merlot/Cabernet – Chateau les Graves, Bordeaux, FR 2005 $10/30 12.5%.    

binNotes personal undoing:  ‘Dessert Wines Beyond Port’  selection Semillon/Sav. Blanc – Ch. Les Tuileries Sauterne, Bordeaux, FR 2006 $9 13.5%. Velvety legs, regal nose of apricot and acacia,  supple sweetness and surreal finish.

Thanks to University Village Local Vine server/wine guide/table side assistant Connie, who endured binNotes palavering with intelligence, humor, and a drool cup. Cheers!

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Image: The Local Vine

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