Alsace: France’s ‘Other’ White Wine Region

 “…Most royal greening verdancy, 
rooted in the sun, 
you shine with radiant light.” 

Hildegard von Bingen

Alsace – France’s ‘other’ white wine region, where bottles stand fluted (in the Teutonic tradition), and labels note by grape variety, not place (the French tradition.) It’s also the only French wine region legally allowed to grow Riesling, a German grape varietal.

binNotes recently sampled Meyer-Fonné‘s 2010 dry white Gentil blend (40% Pinot Gris, 30% Muscat, 15% Riesling, 15% Gewurtztraminer, 12% alcohol) available through Kermit Lynch.

Meyer-Fonné practices lutte raisonnée, and this respect for the cultivation and harvesting of the vines translates through to the finished wine. Locals like to pair this style of white with fondue, but binNotes opted for a vegan cassoulet with equal success. Any salty meal will offset the hint of residual sugar well.

Alsatian pours stand out as truly sui generis, unique in every way among French wines, and worth the exploration. Santé!

Photo: Wine Graphic: Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

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