binNotes NoshNotes: FIVE Bistro


I hate to squeal on a favorite spot – but sometimes secrets are just that hard to keep.

Finally – an American bistro with an authentic Parisian bistrot vibe. In the shadow of the Kingston Ferry commuter route, don’t let the nearby strip mall fool you – Edmond’s FIVE Bistro envelops guests in a warm embrace tout de suite, and the affair continues the duration of the meal. Subdued lighting, French country-chic decor, and VERY French seating arrangements set the stage. Ultra cool wait staff,  creative culinary selections,  and artful preparation et presentation deliver a sold-out performance with not an empty seat – or plate – in the house. Regulars range from ‘Daily Candy‘ites in skull-caps and sweats to broadcloth and chino boomers.

binNotes© can vouch vociferously for the organic red beet, pistachio and goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette, oven-fired bay scallops in lime mornay sauce, and fresh bartlett pear, gorgonzola and pine nut pizza, paired with a simple glass of Delas St. Esprit Cotes du Rhone.

Note: The wine  currently leans a little light in the international department, especially  rosés – this may change in time for deck weather. Bon appétit!

Five Restaurant | Bistro on Urbanspoon

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