Arizona Wineries: Kief-Joshua Vineyards

Kief-Joshua Vineyards


“The desert upon which so many have been broken is vast and calls for largeness of heart but it is also ultimately empty. It is hard, it is barren. Its very nature is stone.”
― Cormac McCarthy
Blood Meridian

Wine maker Kief-Joshua Manning’s largeness of heart led him to create Kief-Joshua Vineyards  among the stones of Sonoita Valley, Arizona’s only official AVA.

Arizona’s first vineyards appeared with the Jesuit missionaries, which lay abandoned for centuries after the King of Spain expelled them for stealing. Kief-Joshua Vineyards has emerged a leader in Arizona’s  resurging wine industry.

A native Arizonian, proprietor Kief’s passion for the vine carried him  down under to Australia’s University of Melbourne where he learned the craft, technology, and commerce of wine. Kief-Joshua Vineyards couples Kief’s well-honed technical acumen with a respect for the land and the unique voice each vine cares to tell.

binNotes personal favorite:  The Lacrime Divino Syrah ( 82% Syrah 18% Viognier ). A deft touch of viognier provides this wine an inviting softness.

Kief-Joshua Vineyards does not stint on production, presentation or personality – well worth the visit! Cheers.

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