Spin the Bottle

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Living in the shadow of Woodinville wineries can prove distracting, especially on a woolly winter’s weekend when all you want to do is…taste wine. Bellying up to the barrel at three such wineries yielded some noteworthy gems:

Robert Ramsay Cellars Syrah sings its siren song loud and clear at first pour. A hint of viognier gives this wine a special softness that allows it to ‘pair well with others,’ including ratatouille. Thanks to Team Erin for uncorking the especially supple 2009.

Sparkman Cellars 2008 Wilderness stands out among the array of ‘juice’ skillfully presented by Tasting Room host Bryan and staff. This well-crafted blend of  Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot unfolds artfully with each sip. Bonus: A portion of each sale goes to fund The Wilderness Society. Save a tree – buy some Sparkman!

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the cast and crew at Flying Dreams Winery for showing the verve – and  nerve  – to serve their ‘Little Rojo’ Rosé in winter.  Dry, with just a fillip of flirt at the end – a luminous end note to our tasting experience!




Image Credits: Robert Ramsay Cellars, Sparkman Cellars, Flying Dreams Winery

2 thoughts on “Spin the Bottle

    1. Thanks for your email! The post contains a link to the website (www.robertramsaycellars.com) – you may wish to email Robert Ramsay and ask them if they have any NY distributors they work with – feel free to tell them you ‘heard’ about it from binNotes.
      Please keep me posted – it’s a sweet little syrah – well deserving of the accolades it’s earned. Cheers!


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