Sparkling w/ a Flatbread Chaser

You didn’t think I was going to cook this New Year weekend, did you?! Not no, but hey no. Instead, noshes at two fav wine bars served us fare fit to keep the hangover fairies at bay.

“Crush Hour” at  Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland’s stellar Heathman Hotel dishes up their superbly sustainable menu  at half off between 3-6 pm daily. I unimaginatively chose Lucien Albrecht Rosé Crémant and pesto flatbread with pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes – neither of which proved pedestrian upon tasting. My meat-eating husband opted for savory sweet potato fries and succulent BBQ ribs – and clean-plated both. Friendly service and subdued vibe. Note: The gorgeous amber marble bar DOES eerily resemble the Sultan’s Hamam in Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace. Don’t worry. You’re still in downtown Kirkland.

Trellis on Urbanspoon

In keeping with the sparkling with a flatbread chaser theme, Black Bottom Postern does not disappoint. Three words set this place apart: Pear & Gorgonzola Flatbread. (Ok- three words and an ampersand)…I’m just saying’…Sparkling of choice was Prosecco. Meat-eaters: My husband vouches for the sirloin tips and roasted veggies. Muted lighting and minimalist decor accentuate the simple but tasty-with-a-twist eatables.

Images: Trellis Restaurant, Black Bottom Postern

Black Bottle Bellevue on Urbanspoon

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