Notes from Paso Robles: Plonkless in Paso


So many wines, so little time. Luckily, the best wines always break ahead of the pack, or plonk. In Paso, some clear winners emerged from this marathon tasting.

Exceptional wines possess an intangible – the French call it  sine que non – “ that which is like no other.” Americans call it attitude. Personality. Style. In reality TV parlance,  the  ‘X Factor’. This elusive attribute throttles past the typical tasting notes on appearance, aroma, flavor, finish, and aging.

First up on my Fave Five  list of favorite Paso pours: Rangeland Wines.

Rangeland Flora Rosé 2010 the winemaker calls ‘table scraps,’ due to the mélange of fruits used. If these are table scraps, set me up a trough-full, bar keep! Truly unlike any other rosé I’ve encountered. Dry with floral notes –  perfect for patio sipping.

Rangeland Wines Zinfandel 2008 smoothness surprises  – like the seeming slacker little brother who comes home at the end of the school year with straight A’s and a full-ride scholarship to Harvard. Perfect with game or beef.

More Fave Five pours of Paso forthcoming….

Rangeland Graphics Credits: Rangeland Wines

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