Notes from Paso Robles: Wear a Cup


I’m the first to admit it: I’m a lightweight. Farm league doesn’t even begin to describe my limited talent in the wine lifting department. Which begs the question why I agreed to accompany the senior varsity quarterback of all things wine, Troy Butler and his wife Deanne, and Troy’s  formidable, bench-pressing Aunt Bunny and her husband Don,  on their annual pilgrimage to Paso Robles, CA. this October.

Welcome to  “The Program,”  – and we ain’t talkin’ Betty Ford. So you think you know wine? Hah!  Troy “It’s Good to be King” and Aunt “Don’t Even Think About It” Bunny break you down, then build you up only long enough to lift your glass one more time in this Boot Camp for Winers. It’s ok – the wine numbs the pain of being pushed far beyond the limits of usual wine tasting.

Some Program stats:

Average Length of each winery Tasting: 1.34 hours.

Average Number of wines tasted at each winery: 10

Average Number of wineries visited each day: 4

Number of cases ordered: Classified.

Troy shows some serious skills unlocking a wine’s complexities, nuances and layers with each swirl, smell, and sip. And Aunt Bunny proves a master at the revelation of Reserves. Throw in the gloriously warm weather, consistently knowledgeable staff, and dog-friendly venues, and you’ve got yourselves the makings of a great stay. Happy happy.

Comments? Cheers!

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