Whistler, B.C. Postscript: Rimrock’s Dirty Little Secret

Photo: churchandstatewines.com

Recently, while laughing  through the rather inflated wine list at Whistler, B.C’s  luminary Rim Rock Cafe, our waiter (who shall remain anonymous – sorry UpSell Police), discretely pointed out a little-known option:  3.5 oz. pours for half the price of  regular 6 oz. pours. For the  wine-pairing, moderate-drinking, or just plain indecisive among us, this choice allows for an enjoyable meal, without the after burn of  bottle-shock upon bill-settling.

Which leads to a disquieting second revelation.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan of British Columbia wines. But nestled among the mostly local pours, this yank found redemption in the Church and State Cabernet Blanc rose. Heavenly flirtatious, this wine intrigues the palate, enhances seafood, and leaves one lingering for more. Leave it to a Canadian wine maker to perfect the balance of  sacred and profane, eh?

Comments? Cheers!

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